Some of the Stuff I Do

Ayden Diel

Coding (Link to my GitHub repositories page)

JavaScript Physics Engine Demo [interactive site] → I made this physics engine in JavaScript that runs in the browser! Made in almost pure JS, accept for jQuery and Bootstrap. The main features are simulated collisions, velocity, acceleration, and friction. (GitHub link here)

Online Multiplayer Game Engine Demo [Video] → Video demonstrating a project from this summer where I created an online multiplayer game engine 100% in JavaScript. (GitHub link here)


Art Instagram Account → Here is where I've been posting my art for the past few years. I mainly focus on portraits and the figure, but I draw some environments too!

Language Learning (Spanish)

Spanish Demonstration[Please turn on subtitles!] → Video in Spanish with English Subtitles demonstrating my proficiency in Spanish and explaining how I learned it!

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